925 Sterling Silver Necklace For Women Forever Heart AAA Zircon Mosaic Necklaces & Pendants Gift


1 set14Kwhitegold14Kwhitegold45cmNecklace14Kwhitegold55L set14Kwhitegold55L set1014Kwhitegold55L set214Kwhitegold55L set314Kwhitegold55L set514Kwhitegold55cm 1014Kwhitegold55cm 514Kwhitegold55cmNecklace45L set45L+Earring45L+Ring45S set45S+Earring45S+Ring45cm Large wooden package45cmLarge45cmSmall55L set55L set1055L set255L set355L set555L+Earring55L+Ring55S set55S+Earring55S+Ring55cmLarge55cmLarge 1055cmLarge 255cmLarge 355cmLarge 5BraceletEarringGP 55cmNecklace 2GP 55cmNecklace 3Gold pendantRingRing+EarringWhitegold pendantWhitegold45cm 10Whitegold45cm 2Whitegold45cm 3Whitegold45cm 5Yellowgold setYellowgold45cmYellowgold55cm
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Handmade-To-Order Heirlooms
Limited Edition Design
Lab Created Diamonds
Worlds Finest 925 Sterling Silver

Material:the necklace is made of 925 silver-plated rhodium; the bracelet is made of s925 sterling silver + 3A zircon; the earrings/rings are made of copper;

Package Content :


CJZBLXLX01919-45cm Large wooden package=CJCC135535401AZ+CJZBLXLX01919-45cmLarge 

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Additional information

Weight 0.30 kg
Dimensions 100 × 100 × 30 cm

1 set, 14Kwhitegold, 14Kwhitegold45cmNecklace, 14Kwhitegold55L set, 14Kwhitegold55L set10, 14Kwhitegold55L set2, 14Kwhitegold55L set3, 14Kwhitegold55L set5, 14Kwhitegold55cm 10, 14Kwhitegold55cm 5, 14Kwhitegold55cmNecklace, 45L set, 45L+Earring, 45L+Ring, 45S set, 45S+Earring, 45S+Ring, 45cm Large wooden package, 45cmLarge, 45cmSmall, 55L set, 55L set10, 55L set2, 55L set3, 55L set5, 55L+Earring, 55L+Ring, 55S set, 55S+Earring, 55S+Ring, 55cmLarge, 55cmLarge 10, 55cmLarge 2, 55cmLarge 3, 55cmLarge 5, Bracelet, Earring, GP 55cmNecklace 2, GP 55cmNecklace 3, Gold pendant, Ring, Ring+Earring, Whitegold pendant, Whitegold45cm 10, Whitegold45cm 2, Whitegold45cm 3, Whitegold45cm 5, Yellowgold set, Yellowgold45cm, Yellowgold55cm


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